Student loans: From university to debt

Studying on Pump is Coming into Fashion: Thanks to state subsidies such as the student loan from the state-owned Intrasavings (Reconstruction Loan Corporation), it has long since become the norm for many students, a substantial portion of their livelihood during higher education through a loan finance. Student loan For students with a less financially strong […]

Learn to save with your bank | Request up to € 750 in 15 minutes

If you have started reading this article almost certainly it is because you are tired of your bank charging you maintenance fees, expenses for making a transfer or a commission even for having money in the same network of your card issuer. Surely since Christmas you have put the batteries and you have decided that […]

Pros and cons reverse mortgage

More and more banks are offering owners of retired properties the opportunity to supplement their pensions with a so-called reverse mortgage. The principle is simple: An unencumbered property is mortgaged in the form of a one-time payment or a lifelong monthly pension. The owner and possibly his partner receive a lifelong registered right of residence. […]

Payment in installments for everything: with small financing in the debt trap

The days when the federal citizens took out a loan only for their own four walls are long gone. Today, vehicles, fitted kitchens or holiday trips are simply financed with installment loans, if the credit balance on the account is insufficient. Against the “Consumption on Pump” is on and for nothing to object, it allows […]

Real Estate Financing: Plan Exit Strategy!

Anyone who acquires a home and takes out a loan from the bank, should include in his planning far more factors than just interest rate, monthly installment and term. Especially today’s uncertain time requires a lot of flexibility, because working conditions and partnerships change faster. Therefore, if you move into a credit-financed property, you must […]